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Bounty Limousine offers beautiful and exciting daily tours from Rome to Florence. Our services will transfer you from the airport and help you experience the city. We will make your visit to this Renaissance city relaxing and enjoyable.

Touring the City of Florence

Take your time and enjoy the beautiful architecture of the city as you relax with our services. You’ll receive a private tour that includes time to taste some delicious foods of Italy. Our drivers have many years of experience and know the best places to explore and visit.

Our tours usually last about 4 hours which allows you to view many areas of the city. During the tour, you can stay in the limousine, or walk around and explore some areas our chauffeur will suggest to you.

While you will not see everything the city has to offer on this tour, you will see many magnificent and remarkable building and art.

What to Expect On Your Tour

Florence’s rich and historic culture is a delightful experience. You can expect to view numerous churches, paintings, and sculptures dating back to the Middle Ages.

  • Sculptures by Michelangelo
  • Santa Maria Novella Church
  • Homes of famous authors like Dante and Machiavelli
  • Works by artists Leonardo da Vinci and Botticelli

This is just a small list of the history and artistry you will see and explore on our day tour of the city. When you complete your tour, there is an option to enjoy an overnight stay or return to Rome. If you choose to stay longer, we recommend visiting places such as the Ponte Vecchio Bridge at the Arno river or the Uffizi Gallery.

Book A Tour With Us

If you would like to enjoy the attractions of Florence with our private limousine tours, we invite you to contact us. We will ensure your tour of the city is comfortable and safe.

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