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Experience the beautiful countryside of Castelli Romani while on your way to enjoy wine. You can try some of the famous culinary specialties that Castelli Romani region is known for. Visit Castel Gandolfo, Frascati, and Nemi, which are in the Castelli Romani area. You’ll be impressed with the live tours while visiting the wineries. Ask questions, get information, relax, and have fun.

For these wonderful tours you have so many options for times. 1 hour, 3.5 hours, 8 hours. During the guided tours you will get to experience the culture and rich history of the Castelli Romani area. With some of the tours you will leave with a personalized wine glass or small goodie bag.

About The Area

Castelli Romani is a pocket of flourishing hills and volcanic lakes about 20km southeast of Rome, Italy.

Two lakes, Albano and Nemi, now occupy the former crater. The area’s altitude is higher than Rome’s, so the more wealthy Romans would go there during summer for the fresher climate.

Now the Popes follow the Romans lead and Castel Gandolfo houses their summer residence.
Some of the feature include

  • Frascati, the famous wine town and an attractive town with beautiful villas.
  • The town of Nemi which oversees the Nemi lake and is an important area for growing fruit.
  • Rocca di Papa which is famous for both it’s roasted chestnuts and it’s equestrian center.

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